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Disabled Access & Needing Healing

Disabled Access

Our current venue has a lift which is not yet operational. We are hoping that it will be operational by the time of the conference.

For further clarification on this matter, kindly call 1300 361 971 or email

Participants who are sick and coming for healing

For those who are sick and are coming to the conference for healing, we ask that you contact the organisers and let us know in advance. Due to the nature of the venue, the organizers will need to give you the best advice depending on your condition.

If the sickness is that of flu-like symptoms, and coughing, we advise that you stay at home and connect online. For any other conditions, advice will be given on a case to case basis.

Please call 1300 361 971 or email to inform the team of your condition or for further clarification.

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