1. Are children allowed at the conference?
    While children are allowed, parents are encouraged to make alternative arrangements for their children to stay at home wherever possible. The conference will focus on grown ups and will not have anything running for the children this year. However, plans are underway for children to have parallel activities for the next conferences, as this requires a venue with multiple rooms available.
  2. Will there be any childminding?
    The organising team is currently looking at childminding options. If childminding becomes available, tickets will be made available for booking on Eventbrite.
  3. Does the $50 children ticket cover childminding?
    No. This ticket is a general ticket for children who will be sitting in the auditorium. If it happens that there is no childminding available, only children registered on this ticket will be allowed to sit in the auditorium with their parents. If childminding becomes available and you would like to use the service, you will only be required to pay the difference in the cost, as the childminding ticket will be a higher cost that the general children ticket.
  4. I am travelling from overseas, how can I come to the conference?
    The conference welcomes overseas delegates. Please refer to our visa page for requirements.
  5. Will there be wheel chair access at the conference?
    Unfortunately, the venue secured does not provide wheel chair access. For more information on accessibility, please have a look at this information.
  6. Will I be able to speak to any of the men or women of God one-on-one?
    No. There will be no one-on-one meetings with the men or women of God. Such arrangements can be done directly with them through their ministries, websites or Facebook pages.
  7. Can I get a ticket at the door if I am late in purchasing one?
    No. Once registration is closed, no tickets can be purchased from the door.
  8. Is there going to be an online option (online audience) for the conference?
    Yes. There will be arrangements for online guests to connect via Zoom. Mothers with young children who can not sit still in the auditorium and those who are unable to travel are encouraged to consider this option.
  9. Will all programs be available for the online audience?
    Yes. All conference programs will be available to those with online tickets via zoom.